Other skippered boats – Combinations

Past experience on sailing vacations showed that in a big group (8 up to 24…. or even more) there is variation of opinions and preferences among the members of the crew. In such cases the combination of two or three boats is a good solution. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants during the day. That means that if you feel active in daytime, you can make a crew and go sailing with one of the yachts while the others can enjoy swimming and sun tanning.

Also, if you want to stay in a desert bay for the night and hear nothing else but the “stars”, the others can dance in the local disco at the main harbour, and meet the next day, so that everybody is happy. Further on there are more and more benefits of the combination of two or three boats. So if you are a large group we have several proposals for your vacations involving boats and skippers that we know and trust.